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What are Smartphones?

A Smartphone is a convenient combination of GSM mobile phones and handheld computer devices. In other words, smart phones are mobile phones that have advanced capabilities with PC like functionalities. Sometimes also referred to as PIMs or PDA phones, smartphones have a local data storage system and an in-built operating system. They are also fully equipped with in-built camera, contact management software, scheduling, e-mail capabilities and Internet connectivity. These phones also usually have an external USB keyboard, a VGA connector or a fully in-built keyboard.

The essence of a Smartphone is that it can be programmed as per the requirements and preferences of the user. The operating system of these phones allows the users to add to and modify to its functionality. One of the downsides is that unlike most other cell phones, smart phones are more susceptible to malware. A Smartphone comes with a massive set of features like full fledged e-mail support and ability to browse through documents in different formats like PDF. It has been expected that the future phones will have OS and advanced functionality levels found in the smartphones of today.

Different operating systems that can be found in smartphones include iPhone OS, Symbian OS, Palm WebOS, Samsung bada, Blackberry OS, Android, Maemo and Windows Mobile.

When put in simple words, a Smartphone is the miniature version of a computer, which has all the functionalities of a phone. Keeping at par with increase in the demand of fully featured cell phones, abundant memory, open operating systems and larger screens have outpaced other cell phone markets over the last few years.

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