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Cell phones have become a necessity in the contemporary times and as each and every person, no matter rich or poor wants to own one. There is a multitude of phone brands coming up in the market. Different companies are offering remarkably different cell phone models that you may choose from. The startlingly popular RAZR mobile phone from the Motorola Company can be considered as a prime example of the brand model familiarity.

The phone model you choose depends upon your personal choice and preferences. If you are a music lover, then no brand can give you the unmatchable sound quality provided by Sony Ericsson handsets. Nokia is a brand name which offers sturdy and durable handsets and has an amazing collection of cell phones to choose from. Nokia phones have an extremely simple user interface and even a school student can operate it without assistance.

Motorola is a company which produces stylish looking cell phones every now and then. This is the best brand for you if you are the person who wants to flaunt your new cell phone for a few months and then switch to the next model. There are other brands also that are very popular in the market for their handsets. These brands may include Bird, LG and Samsung. Blackberry phones have become a latest craze now-a-days, especially amongst the business class.

Whichever phone brand you are choosing, make sure that it is coming with sufficient warranty and some brands also provide you free insurance with your handset.

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