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The Best Music Playback Smartphones in the Market

Almost all mobile phones available in the market today offer music playback facility. What differs is their quality. While some emit an average sound, others are for connoisseurs. But which one would be the ideal for you? We’ve zeroed in on a few music smartphones that could satiate your quest.

Apple iPhone 3GS/4G

Apple is the undisputed leader when the issue is of music quality. Music aficionados have taken a bite from the apple realizing the richness of the sound that the phone delivers. With great battery backup and 16GB internal memory, one doesn’t need to look anywhere else for downloading, storing and playing back music.

Nokia N8

While most of our readers would consider N8 as a great camera smartphone rather than an audio gadget, the fact is, N8 offers perfect audio and perfect bass, coupled with crisp medium and high frequencies. All these make the gadget delightful to the ears. The phone also comprises an FM transmitter for allowing high quality audio transmission to FM enabled devices like car stereos. You can thus play music from N8 via your car speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S

You must be wondering as to why we have chosen the older Galaxy S when its latest version is available. Well, audio reproduction in this phone is flawless in both headphones and loudspeaker and hooking up the gadget to any sound amplifier system means party time. The 8GB internal memory and 32GB external memory means limitless storage for your audio tracks.

LG Optimus One

Finally, a phone that doesn’t pinch your pocket and yet is a fine music device. The phone offers a rich and high depth sound sans any compromise to the lower notes. It’s a budget phone well within the means of the commoner. The supplied headphones offer good bass and good sounding of the lower trebles.

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