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Best Music Phones to Choose

Cell phones from Sony Ericsson are widely known for their supreme sound quality and extraordinary music features. In consequence, Sony Ericsson phones have made a special place in the minds and hearts of music lovers, mainly because of their astonishing features. The W910i handset from Sony Ericsson received a warm welcome, resulting in new sales record for the model. This model has a very attractive music player which is able to provide outstanding music entertainment.

The W595 model from Sony Ericsson has in-built stereo speakers and multi-port jack for extra head phones. It proves to be an ultimate phone for music lovers, giving you a space to store as much as 1900 songs at a time.

Nokia is also not a single step behind and with its 5530 XpressMusic model, it has become a favorite brand among the music lovers too. It has an extremely user friendly and fully featured music player with tremendously awe-inspiring sound quality. Nokia also has 5800 XpressMusic phone which has N-series music player which can support different music formats including MP3, WMA and AAC. There are other features also like playlist, graphic display and equalizer. The 8GB internal memory allows you to store 6000 songs at a time. The Samsung M7600 Beat BJ supports several formats including MP3, AA and AAC+. It has an in-built FM radio with RDS and a 3.55 headphone socket.

After reviewing all the features of all these phones, you can choose the one as per your preferences and requirements. Since all these phones have specialized music players and decent features, the choice really depends upon the end user.

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